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"Tidal Bay Shawl" a collaborative project with Fleece Artist and Handmaiden yarns.

When an opportunity presents itself to work with the amazing and incredible fleece artisans from Nova Scotia, Jena and Ruth of Fleece Artists and Handmaiden yarns, one does not hesitate.

Especially when:

1. I truly love the fiber they create,

2. I support Canadian makers,

3. I am oozing ideas for a project that is close to my heart.

Nevertheless, you can see this project was one born of passion, collaborative spirit and love for our amazing Canadian landscape.

First Impressions:

Imagine.....walking on the beach with seagulls quacking above your head. Your feet sinking in the loose sand, and warmth of water hugging your toes. As the cooler breeze send a little chill down your spine, you lift up the knitted shawl and drape it around your shoulders.

Ahhhh.....yes!, living in the moment. You look around, and all you see is beach and water, and sand and peace.

Being a Polish Canadian, I grew up by the Baltic Sea. This feeling, is so familiar. My most happiest moments were spent by the sea. Taking me back to my parents allowed timeshare in a holiday resort in a tiny town of "Lukecin". There, as a child, I walked, and walked endlessly looking for coloured polished glass, drift wood and amber.

The Nova Scotia coastline has that feeling. Embedded in "Tidal Bay", we hope you will sense it too.

Pros and Cons:

Admitingly, I am not a shawl designer. Its not the "usual" knit for me. With each project, I learn to pour out my memories. Painting with yarn, creating a keepsake, a feeling...

This shawl is not hard to knit. I now, it may look it, but I promise, it does allow for some intuitive knitting to ease you into a mindful space.

With some knitters already embarking on the pro