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Woolly Hooligan Designs

Woolly Hooligan Designs was created to share my passion for knitting with all of you. Offering unique, elegant and trendy knitting patterns, with a twist. Hooliganizing stitch patterns is my "jam". This page hopes to infect you with my knitting fever. I started seriously knitting in 2016, having learnt to not take life so seriously. Having had knit as a child, this amazing skill laid dormant in my frontal lobe until I discovered joy of creating knitwear in 2018. Since then, the patterns and ideas have been pouring out of me like a flood. 

I am interested in different collaborations regarding knitwear design. If you are a wholesaler/yarn distributer/yarn shop/magazine publisher or simply fiber art lover, and are interested in working with me on pattern development, please contact me for more information. 

In the spirit of recycling, reusing and minimizing impact on our Mother Earth I am expanding my shop to include vintage fashion and home decor. I hope to encourage you to consider purchasing items that already exist. Loving them, repurposing them and cherishing those treasures for years to come. I am inspired by the midcentury modern era of design with a little vintage boho. I hope you enjoy my finds.  

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